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Creative Empowerment Association

Creative <span class="text-color"> Empowerment Association</span>

Welcome to the Creative Empowerment Association, a dedicated community based organization in 1415 - West Georgia, committed to fostering personal and professional growth through empowerment and accountability.

Dr. Delbar Niorushak, Co-founder of Creative Empowerment Association started her journey in her 20s. She began to clarify her priorities and open her mind to new options as a perception of her true identity to understand the freedom of overcoming indistinctness and making decisions through ambiguity and uncertainty. She started with the quality of being clear and transparent to herself by being mindful of her purpose in life and acknowledging every potential opportunity. She began experiencing alternative possibilities instead of being passive and hoping for miracles to happen.

She perceived herself as an individual who accepts and appreciates change and trusts herself to obtain strength and develop weakness. She learned to communicate her intentions and her goals to be more impactful. Dr. Delbar, holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, is distinguished for her profound commitment to empowerment and development, specializing in mental health, leadership development and business empowerment to cultivate Growth mindset. Her expertise is particularly valuable in nurturing vulnerable youths, immigrants, and rationalized communities.

She believes everyone is resourceful in their own unique way. She stood by immigrants, Youth, and BIPOC people to deliver Authenticity and hold them accountable while being vulnerable because this is how one can expand a comfort zone and grow. It was for her to be there for them and support their advancement and facilitate the growth journey of different communities as a process to increase performance in life, in the workplace and also in different communities. This is how she learned to be resilient and adaptable to change and influence her community to cultivate a non-brittle mindset as a first step to achieving power in making the right decision.

She is an MCC-ICF Professional Leadership Excellence Coach, An Agile Enterprise Coach and an HR Strategic Consultant for more than 20 years helping and supporting individuals/teams and organizations to unleash their potential capacity for being more passionate about productivity.

Dr. Delbar, is deeply committed to empowering BIPOC and underserved communities, including indigenous, women, disabled and immigrant individuals. She focuses on employment empowerment and accountability management. Dr. Delbar's expertise encompasses various domains, including Mental rehearsal, Business acumen, Leadership and Personal development. Her approach, known as the SEAM (System of Empowerment and Accountability Management), centers on problem-solving and goal setting. Under her guidance and insight every project emphasizes on anti-discrimination and anti-racism, incorporating holistic training, simulations, and personalized mentorship. The organization is dedicated to fostering efficient performance, collaboration, providing necessary Development Leadership Excellence Coaching and delivering the skills needed. Her unique approach equips participants with accountability competencies, adheres to the Universal Diverse codes of Ethics, and instills a growth culture that enhances agility, transparency, and overall performance, achieving remarkable outcomes for individuals and organizations alike to build resilience and growth.

At CEA, we're driven by the belief that individual empowerment leads to communal strength. We strive to create impactful change by nurturing individuals, teams, and organizations through comprehensive training, coaching, and mentorship programs. Our focus is on enhancing accountability management skills, promoting resilience, and cultivating a growth mindset to optimize employment experiences and community engagement to deliver tangible results for the community.

At the Creative Empowerment Association, our vision is to create a mindset where the diversity of life thrives, and people are perceived as talents to enrich their potential strength as an ability to fulfill lives and to achieve higher goals.

We imagine a world where creativity knows no bounds. We envision a society where every person is encouraged to explore their unique ideas, and perspectives, fostering a tapestry of innovation and collaboration.

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Creative <span class="text-color"> Empowerment Association</span>

Leading To Beneficiary Strength Leading To Beneficiary <span class="color-f66a1d">Strength</span>



Clarity in your decision making and goal setting (enabling you to learn how to hold yourself accountable)

Building Confidence

Building Confidence

Building confidence in choosing the right path and activating resilience internally to leverage your strength in action in making the right decision as a SMART decision (saving time and money).

Purposeful Connection

Purposeful Connection

You will learn how to create purposeful connections in order to be impactful in your community with a coaching approach (feeling hopeful and successful).

Leading To Beneficiary <span class="color-f66a1d">Strength</span>

See How Creative Empowerment Association Approach Works

See How Creative <span>Empowerment Association</span> Approach Works See How Creative <span>Empowerment Association</span> Approach Works
See How Creative <span>Empowerment Association</span> Approach Works
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Our Empowering Approach

We empower our community by fostering a culture of transparency, inclusivity, skill development, and recognition. With our approach individuals, teams and organizations can transform employees from passive recipients of change to active champions with our SEAM (System of Empowerment and Accountability Management) model. We care about continuous improvement and innovation

We are specialized experts in Human Behaviour and Mental Health. We deliver tailored training and one-on-one coaching sessions that equips individuals with the tools to navigate challenges, develop resilience, and foster a growth-oriented approach in both personal and professional spheres. Our commitment extends to providing support for communities, emphasizing self-management skills and empowering individuals within the employment process, ensuring they not only secure jobs but also learn how to maintain them effectively

As you unfold the layers of Creative Lifestyle through the SEAM Approach, you become part of a revolution—a movement that celebrates, nurtures, and amplifies the creative spirit. Join us on this transformative journey, where each stitch, exploration, amplification, and manifestation counts and will shape the vibrant tapestry of your creative destiny to enjoy life and expand more opportunities while you are leveraging the necessary skills

By becoming a member, you not only invest in your own creative journey but also contribute to the sustainability and growth of your community as a shared vision. Join us in contributing in a global movement to encourage and lead by example to develop supporting networks.

At the Creative Empowerment Association, we have diverse action plans to map out an operational approach that supports diversity in action, we stand firm in our commitment to demonstrate equality and to create a safe and trusting space that values and celebrates the richness of diversity and the principles of equity. Our commitment is not just a statement; it is a guiding force that shapes our everyday activity of maintaining growth internally and also externally for our communities.

At the Creative Empowerment Association, we believe that every individual possesses the potential for creative growth differently and it's a very unique process for each individual . Join us in planting the seeds of inspiration, fostering an environment where creativity can take root and flourish with focusing on Empowerment and Accountability.
<span class="custom-color">Our</span> purpose

Our purpose <span class="custom-color">Our</span> purpose

At the Creative Empowerment Association, we stand as a beacon of support for immigrants, Indigenous communities, and individuals of diverse ethnicities. Our mission is rooted in the empowerment of these vibrant communities, fostering a space where every story is honored, every heritage celebrated, and every voice amplified. Our purpose is to value what you value and empower you to speak your value so you can be more impactful.

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Strengthen community and organizational effectiveness with our Accountability Management Projects, ensuring transparent and responsible practices for sustainable growth.

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Unite with us to make a difference worldwide; be a part of our Volunteer Global Team and share your skills and passion for meaningful impact.

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